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Guest House "Vidlauči"
Activities for nature lovers and sports fans

Here at Vidlauči(Vidlauchi) there are activities such as swimming, sunbathing and exploring nature.
We also offer volleyball and basketball facilities and you can hire a ball. For those wanting to combine an activity with relaxation we suggest you try a 5km walk to Duntes Minhauzen Museum along the sea coast, where the long Minhauzen walking trail comes out near the sea.
On the way are the largest juniper tree plantations in Latvia, about 14 hectares. This is worth a look. Along the way there are also big black rocks near the Čorku house.

Another walk may interest bird lovers towards the south along the coast past Arnu Point, which is a favourite gathering place for birds, right up to the Skulte docks (4km). Afterwards you can head up to the Skulte church and the old town centre. The new part of town is several kilometres inland.
In winter bring your skis as you can go cross country skiing to these places!! In autumn you can combine this walk with mushrooming. Organise a mushrooming competition with your family!