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Lauču (Lauchu) stones
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Guest House "Vidlauči"

„Vidlauči” Guest House is located in the southern part of the Limbazi region in the district of Skulte, right on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Not far away is the northern Vidzeme Biosphere reservation (5km), Skulte township (6km), also the railway station (7km) and the town of Saulkrasti (15km).

The origins of the name „ Laucis” are connected to the place names Lauči, Vidlauči, Jaunlauči and Mazlauči.
The word "laucis" is the name of a Latvian water bird - baldicoot, that is dark with a bright white crest above its beak, about 38cm long, with a wing span of 70-80cm (see photo)

By the coastline there are stones and sand. Right near the Guest House is the small Lauči stone. Just twenty metres further lies the large Lauču stone. A little further to the south is the Putnu (Bird) stone, which is more often than not surrounded by water.

"Vidlauči" from the bird fly
Hotel "Vidlauči"
Small Lauču stone
Big Lauču stone